African Community Advisory Board (AfroCAB)

AFROCAB NAIROBI 2014 MEETING AfroCAB is a network for community HIV treatment advocates across  Africa.

AfroCAB’s main objectives are to:

  • Build leadership and advocacy capacity in Africa among PLHIV and advocates on drug development and access issues, particularly around access to essential medicines, including originator and quality generic antiretroviral formulations.
  • Create a platform for engagement with originator and generic pharmaceutical industry as well as other relevant stakeholders.
  • Promote and strengthen Africa-focused research through patient and community participation in protocol design, ethics committees, field activities and documentation of findings, including drug resistance monitoring and its impact on communities.
  • Support development of country-specific strategies and action plans.
  • Facilitate sharing and learning among African PLHIV leaders and advocates around access to ART and the wider treatment issues.
  • Promote evidence-based drug safety practices and support the development of updated treatment guidelines

AfroCAB membership is from 13 African countries. AfroCAB works in partnership with TAC in South Africa.

Published: September 27, 2010
Last edited: September 1, 2016