AFROCAB DTG_Weight Gain_ Hyperglycemia Meeting Communiqué

Community representation is critical at the national and global decision-making levels, particularly for the formulation of policies and guidelines and in response to updated clinical data.

AFROCAB invited Communities to participate in a community meeting on weight gain and hyperglycemia with use of ARVs.

The meeting included community representatives from approximately 20 countries to formally document the community perspective and views on weight gain and hyperglycemia with DTG. The community consensus was used to represent the perspective of communities in the many upcoming global fora on weight gain and hyperglycemia.

We invited representatives from the WHO, ADVANCE trial, Ministries of Health, and others to join us.

The final copy of the Communiqué of the meeting can be found above. Apologies for its delayed release.

Please share it as widely as possible with your networks, your policy makers and other contacts so that your community voice on current and future HIV treatment can be heard to as wide an audience as possible.  

A French version of this paper is being developed for our Francophone speakers as well. We will share it for circulation as soon as it’s ready.

Please send us any feedback or questions that you may receive on this or other related issues of this paper. 

AFROCAB Treatment Access Partnership

Published: April 28, 2020
Last edited: April 28, 2020