Afrocab Treatment Access Partnership


Afrocab Treatment Access Partnership (Afrocab) is an African network of HIV community leaders and advocates working to accelerate access to optimal HIV and co-morbidity treatments and prevention products. It primarily operates in sub-Saharan Africa, with headquarters in Zambia and a network of people in 19 countries.  Afrocab was formed in 2011 to facilitate community treatment access dialogue with multinational and generic drug manufacturing companies, policymakers, UN agencies, civil society organizations, and others working on anti-HIV drugs and clinical research of new molecules and diagnostics. Currently, Afrocab is focused on the 3 key areas of global advocacy, building global and regional networks, and continental and country coordination, all to move toward creating an ecosystem approach to addressing the complexity of delivering the highest quality and most cost-effective treatment and prevention of HIV in Africa.

AfroCAB membership is from 13 African countries.


The establishment of the Community Advisory Board (CAB) serves to foster engagement with civil society groups to co-develop product adoption and roll-out strategies and to improve understanding of and demand for new medicines. The role of the CAB is to provide strategic direction and leadership to strengthen community engagement in project implementation, to foster demand generation, and ensure that the project as a whole supports and complements the activities of the global HIV treatment community. See activities here.

Published: July 27, 2010
Last edited: February 8, 2024