AfroCAB message board user agreement and posting rules

  1. Posts must be on-topic.
    The AfroCAB is an African-based group of people living with HIV and AIDS and community advocates with an interest in HIV treatment and treatment-related issues, with a view to preventing or reducing HIV mortality and morbidity. The focus is on evidence-based medicine relating to HIV infection, prevention, treatment, disease progression, HIV-related opportunistic infections, co-infections and related topics. Posts and discussions should be relevant to this. Whilst recognising that there may occasionally be some interest in the global aspects of HIV treatment, topics posted or raised for discussion should be of interest to people living, working or studying in Africa.
  2. Posts or discussions should be of interest to the wider group.
    One-to-one discussions are discouraged.
  3. Posts or discussions must be in English.
  4. Post must be constructive and civil.
    We recognise that language may on occasion may be passionate, but it should never become abusive, disruptive, offensive, overbearing, vindictive, vulgar or defamatory. Profanity, crudity, bigotry and racism are not tolerated.
  5. Language that promotes or displays hatred or intolerance on the grounds of their disability, sexuality, country of origin, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, race or HIV status is not be tolerated.
    Using such language may result in suspension or removal. Any threats to harm individuals will be treated most seriously and may be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  6. Fund-raising in any way is not allowed.
    However, the message board may be used to seek advice and information about issues relating to funding and fund-raising.
  7. The promotion or sale of goods or services is not permitted.
    However, providing information about events, conferences, symposiums, seminars, chariable and NHS services and so forth related to the area of interest of the AfroCAB are welcome, provided it is clear that these are not AfroCAB events or services.
  8. No spamming, trolling, flaming, flame-baiting, impersonation or misrepresentation of identify.
  9. The current best scientific understanding of HIV is that this is a virus, infection with which can lead to serious illness and death in the vast majority of individuals if untreated.
    Posters who maliciously or mischievously question or deny the pathogenesis of HIV may find their views unwelcome, and may be discouraged from participating in the AfroCAB or may have their participation suspended or revoked.
  10. Poster will observe the normal rules when quoting copyright material, or obtain and record in their post express permission from the author(s) to quote the material.
  11. Posting or distributing outside the message boards any personal information about other participants is not allowed without their express consent.
    Breach of this rule will be taken seriously, and may result in suspension or removal from the forums.
  12. Participants will not pass on or divulge their username or password.
  13. Posters who do not observe the rules for participation may be suspended or removed.
    Repeated failure to observe the rules as described above will result in termination of AfroCAB membership and permanent removal from the message boards. The ESC will decide when and how individuals are suspended or removed from the AfroCAB list. The co-chairs  can agree to and initiate a member’s immediate suspension or removal: a complaint by a third party about the post or poster is unnecessary. The message board moderators can agree to and initiate a member’s immediate suspension: again a complaint by a third party about the post or poster is unnecessary. Reinstatement of posting privileges will remain completely at the discretion of the ESC and/or moderators, and be dependent on an understanding by the person concerned of why the post was offensive and/or inappropriate, together with an undertaking not to repeat the offence.
  14. The AfroCAB list and discussion board will not be used to debate publicly the decisions made by the moderators or the ESC.
    Concerns about the management of the AfroCAB discussion boards, the decisions made by the AfroCAB, and the wider management of the AfroCAB should be raised in writing with the AfroCAB ESC Co-chairs, who (if appropriate) may initiate a wider discussion with the ESC or AfroCAB as a whole.

By registering you agree to:

Register only one user account, using a valid email address which you will maintain while a member

Follow the message board’s rules and guidelines and abide by the decisions of the message board moderators

You also note and agree to that the message board software may:

Record your internet protocol (IP) address for each post (this will be private and visible only to you and moderators).

Place a cookie (a text file containing information to identify your user account) on your computer (used only to keep you logged in/out)

The small print

‘No industry’ rule:
Directors and employees of pharmaceutical companies involved in research into HIV treatment and diagnostics, or employees of agencies providing PR, marketing and other professional services for these companies may not join the AfroCAB. We work closely with industry, but the AfroCAB is a community-based network, and it is important to respect this boundary.
We take your privacy seriously. We will not disclose your personal information except when this is necessary to comply with the law or at the order of a law enforcement or other agency authorised to order disclosure. Privacy policy.
Copyright for the content of your posts remains with you. By posting on this message board you grant the right in perpetuity for display of your original work without alteration in pages of this message board in the form determined by the message board software (including quotation by other message board members in their posts) and subject to changes that may result from moderator’s administration of the message boards. We do not guarantee that posts will be displayed, and reserve the right to delete or edit posts to ensure that they comply with the message boards’ house rules and the user agreement.

You are responsible for making sure that third party copyright material is used fairly. Generally, posting a short extract from an article or web page to share with other users may be be fair dealing (ie allowed), posting your own summary of an article will be fair dealing, and a link to an article will always be fair dealing. Guide to fair dealing for web posting.

Abuse of other message board members:
This is a serious matter and may result in an immediate ban. People come to this message board with different life experiences and values and we ask you to respect this.
Discussion of other service providers:
This message board is intended to provide an opportunity for mutual support. It is not designed to discuss and/or resolve disagreements about organisations providing health, social care and information services. These are best taken up directly with the service provider. Posts which, in the moderators’ judgement, are defamatory will be deleted.
Disruption to the service:
Moderators may remove any user who attempts to disrupt any of the AfroCAB’s web-based services in any way. This includes posting attachments, documents and other content which contain viruses, trojans and the like.
Continuity and security of service:
There is no guarantee that the message board will be available uninterrupted or error free, that defects will be corrected, or that webpages or materials available to download will be free of virus or other security risks. It is the user’s responsibility to implement sufficient procedures and virus checks when viewing the website or downloading resources.
Lawful use:
You agree to use the site for lawful purposes only.
Changes to terms:
The AfroCAB may change these terms from time to time. Continued use of the site will be deemed acceptance of any updated or amended terms. Notice of changes to terms of use will be posted on the message boards.
The majority of content posted here is created by members. The views expressed are theirs, and unless specifically stated, not the views of the AfroCAB. AfroCAB is not responsible for any content posted by members, or for the availability or content of any third party sites that may be made accessible through the AfroCAB website or message boards. Any links to third party websites from the AfroCAB message board or website do not amount to an endorsement of these websites by the AfroCAB, or its participants, and any use of these websites is at your own risk.
Published: September 27, 2010
Last edited: August 31, 2016