Executive Steering Committee (ESC)

An Executive Steering Committee of AfroCAB members coordinates the development of the project and plans the work programme.

Current members:

Executive Steering Committee Members

Kenly Sikwese – Zambia

Co Chairs
Caroline Mubaira – Zimbabwe
Dr Bactrin Killingo – Kenya

Obatunde Oladapo – Nigeria
Viviane Furaha – Rwanda
Violeth Edwin – Tanzania
Andre Sukadi – Congo DRC

Polly Clayden – United Kingdom
Wim Vandervelde – Belgium/South Africa
Nikos Dedes – Greece

ESC governance:


1) The steering group name was changed to Executive Steering Committee (ESC). This was unanimously preferred over other names such as ‘Steering Committee’, ‘Executive Committee’, and ‘Africa Steering Committee’ and considered ‘functional’.

2) Criteria for selection of ESC members will include geographic and gender balance and representation from key populations.

3) ESC members will be voted by the AfroCAB members at a meeting of the AfroCAB or electronically. A simple majority is needed to secure a position. In the event of a tie then a run-off will be conducted.

4) Tenure of Office will be as follows:

  1. Term of office for the Executive Steering Committee members, including Chair, shall be 2 years. One third shall be eligible for re-election for another two year term on a rotational basis to allow for continuity and preserve institutional memory.
  2. Executive Steering Committee members will be ineligible for re-election after serving two terms
  3. Executive Steering Committee members shall be removed in the event that they misappropriate AfroCAB resources, and 2/3 of the membership votes them out.
  4. Serious conflict of interest that is not declared, consistently missing meetings and if they cease to be members of the AfroCAB may also be other reasons for ceasing to serve as ESC member.
  5. Secretariat to be headed by the Coordinator and hosted by an existing organisation.
  6. The Executive Steering Committee to decide on the identity of the hosting organisation as well as the terms of the arrangement.
  7. The Executive Steering Committee to ratify the employment of other employees based on availability of resources and need.
  8. The AfroCAB will initially not be a legal entity. The legal AfroCAB status shall be vested and covered by the hosting organisation legal status.

5) Other ESC guidance shall be developed and elaborated in the relevant terms of reference for ESC.

Published: October 13, 2010
Last edited: August 31, 2016