AfroCAB Funders

Since 2013, AfroCAB has received grants from ViiV Healthcare, Janssen and Gilead Sciences. Pangea Global Health also provided support for a AfroCAB Pre-ICASA meeting in 2013. A small grant to conduct community consultations in Africa for the 2015 World Health Organisation (WHO) HIV Guidelines was also received from WHO.

AFROCAB submits funding proposals to originator pharmaceutical companies to cover travel, visa fees, and accommodation for members travelling from different parts of Africa for its bi-annual meetings held in different cities of the continent.

The funds are also used to support country level advocacy, training and other activities. This funding helps support AfroCAB as a continental project with a multiple country reach.

The decision on the focus area for each time period that is relevant to the global and regional HIV response and the content the meetings is decided through consultation with members, the ESC and the Coordinator.

AfroCAB holds meetings with pharmaceutical companies and generic companies based in Africa and India. These meeting discuss their current products and future research. AfroCAB decides which companies to invite and sets the agenda.

AfroCAB also collaborates with other organisations, policy makers and other experts to provide or be actively involved in its activities. These individuals/organisations provide training and technical support to AfroCAB.

AfroCAB also proactively seeks community involvement in research. In some cases, AfroCAB work is supported in by independent research.


  1. Directors and employees of pharmaceutical companies involved in research into HIV treatment and diagnostics, or employees of agencies providing PR, marketing and other professional services for these companies may not join the AfroCAB.
  2. AfroCAB work closely with industry, but AfroCAB is a community-based network, and it is important to respect this boundary.
  3. AfroCAB cannot provide any funding for people OR ACTVITIES outside of Africa.
  4. AfroCAB is supported by originator companies. ARVs in Africa are supplied by generic manufactures most of whom are based in India. No funding has been received from a generic manufacturer.
Published: July 12, 2008
Last edited: August 17, 2016