Cabotegravir Long-Acting Injectable for Prevention; Frequently Asked Questions- CAB-LA FAQ!

For years, we have advocated for a diversity of HIV prevention options that respond to the needs, lifestyles, and unique experiences of our community members at greatest risk for HIV infection. CAB-LA offers a critically needed option for individuals at risk of HIV infection for whom daily PrEP use is not preferred or feasible. The availability of affordable, widespread access to CAB-LA will represent an important step in this direction.

To support advocacy for this product, Afrocab has developed a FAQ (below) that covers the topics of PrEP and explains how CAB-LA works, is taken, and its side effects.
Please read and share with your networks so that we can prepare the ground for our brothers and sisters who need long-acting HIV prevention treatment in our region!

Published: May 3, 2024