Privacy policy

Email address

This website contains links that prepare your email programme to send an email. Sending an email from one of the email links will reveal your email address, and perhaps other personal information like your name depending on how you have set up your email programme.

Personal information

This website asks for the following personal information for the purposes of joining the AfroCAB or signing up for AfroCAB meetings online:

  • Your email address.
  • You first name and last name.
  • Your postal address.
  • Other optional contact information.

This information is stored off-line.

The discussion message board requires you to supply an email address and select a user name, which may be an alias. The message board allows you to provide a range of optional additional information.

This information is stored online in a secure database accessible only to the message board software.

Personal information you choose to include in your message board profile will be visible to other members when they are signed in.

This will include either your user name (the name the message board software uses to recognise you, which can be anything and need not be your real name) or an alternative name you wish to display to identify you (which can also be anything).

This could include your email address if you have opted to make it visible to other members. To hide your email address check the ‘Hide email address from public?’ option in the ‘Account settings’ page in your profile.

For complete privacy when using the message boards:

  • Choose a screen name that’s not your real name.
  • If you choose to use a personal picture, use one that is not a photo of you.
  • Leave personal details like links to your website, date of birth, or instant messenger address out of your profile.

If in doubt, leave it out (you can always add personal details later).

This website, including the message boards, does not ask for financial information of any kind.

Cookies and user tracking

A cookie (text file set to place a small piece of information onto your computer) is used by the discussion message board to tell if you are logged in or out

The message board software allows logged in members and message board staff (moderators) to view your current action on the message boards. Each time you post the message board software records your IP address.

This website uses a service from Google to record anonymously which public webpages have been viewed (Google Urchin). This does not collect personally identifiable information about you. This does not record webpages viewed in the discussion message boards.

No other user tracking methods are used on this website.

Note: the cookie is named ‘SMFCookie385’. The information it contains is encrypted so that only the message board software can understand it.

For complete privacy when using the message boards:

  • Make sure you log out at the end of your visit to the message boards.


There is no commercial advertising.

Sharing information

Information collected for the purposes of online registration as a member of the UK-CAB, to sign up for meetings or to allow you to use the message board is not shared, exchanged or sold.

Disclosure required by law

Personal information will only be disclosed if in good faith we believe this is necessary to comply with the law or at the order of a law enforcement or other agency authorised to order disclosure.


This policy applies only to this website, not to sites visited by following links.


The providers of this website are the sole owners of the information collected on it.

Confidentiality, disclosure and participation

We recognise that confidentiality and disclosure are important. It is possible to participate in the message board without disclosing more than your email address and name to the message board administrators, both of which can be kept absolutely private. If you have concerns about confidentiality and disclosure but are keen to participate in the AfroCAB’s online discussion, please get in touch to discuss how to accommodate your needs.

More information

If you have questions or concerns about this privacy policy contact the website technical administrator at

Alternative ways to get in touch – contact AfroCAB.

Published: September 27, 2010
Last edited: August 31, 2016