Presentations from meetings

A list of reports, briefings and presentations from AfroCAB meetings.
This includes PowerPoints and PDFs hosted on this website and selected additional materials hosted on eternal websites.
All of these have been presented or discussed at AfroCAB meetings.

Integrase inhibitors and weight gain

Dr Michelle Moorhouse, 13/05/2019  [PDF, 1Mb]

TLD rollout update – Zimbabwe

Tapiwanashe Kujinga, 13/05/2019  [PowerPoint, 2.2Mb]

TLD rollout update – Kingdom eSwatini

Albertina Nyatsi, 13/05/2019  [PDF, 622Kb]

TLD rollout update – South Africa

Luckyboy Mkhondwane, 13/05/2019  [PDF, 124 Kb]

TLD rollout update – Liberia

Stephen McGill, 13/05/2019  [PDF, 240Kb]

TLD rollout update – Senegal

Ibrahima Ba, 13/05/2019  [PDF, 320kb]

TLD rollout update – Tanzania

Mpendwa Abiney, 13/05/2019  [PDF, 23Kb]

TLD rollout update – Uganda

Proscovia Namakula, 13/05/2019  [PDF, 403Kb]

TLD roll out update – Zambia

Rose Lunga, 13/05/2019  [PDF, 1Mb]

TLD roll out update – Kenya

Salim Kibet, 13/05/2019  [PDF, 420Kb]

Kenya activities 2017

Salim Kibet, 08/08/17  [PDF, 3.8Mb]

ICASA 2017 conference feedback

CAB advocates, 16/02/2018  [PDF, 8Mb]

Treating 35 million people with ART – where are we? part 1

Andrew Hill, 02/05/16  [PDF, 5.7 mb]

Additional files:

The role of civil society in ensuring accessibility of preferred ARV regimens

Kenly Sikwese, 13/06/2016  [PDF, 500Kb]

Manzini Treatment Optimisation

Kenly Sikwese, 28/07/2016  [PDF, 1MB]

Our voices count as PLWHIV

Patients in Kenya, 13/06/2016  [PDF, 500Kb]

What is HIV?

Voice Mukenyang, 13/07/2016  [PDF, IMB]

Treatment Optimisation Harare

Kenly Sikwese, 30/06/16  [PDF, 1Mb]